Solitaire Ombra Pendant Light / 2 Sizes / 3 Colours

Niche's Solitaire Ombra creates an unforgettable visual moment. A complex technique of applying color by hand over pristine glass is used to create a seemingly effortless transition from colour to Crystal glass. As the glass is delicately illuminated by a warm, round bulb at the center of its spherical silhouette, it accentuates this transition.  It’s like watching the sun slowly rise through the morning fog or experiencing a radical sky as a storm begins to build.

Each moment is just as unique as each hand-crafted pendant, no two will ever have the exact same fade. The Solitaire Ombra and Solitaire Petite Ombra are paired with a Premium Luxe Cord Set, available in three metal finishes. This pendant is stunning on its own or in a cluster, making for a truly elegant and memorable fixture.

Made by Niche

Designed by Jeremy Pyles

Beacon, NY

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Models:  Solitaire Ombra Pendant |  Solitaire Petite Ombra Pendant

Materials:  Hand Blown Glass | Metal

Selections:  3 Glass Colours | 3 Cordset Finishes | 3 Canopy Finishes

Inclusions:  Glass Shade | Selected Cordset | Selected Canopy

Solitaire Ombra Colours:  Opaline + Crystal | Storm + Crystal | Cardinal + Crystal

Cordest Finishes:  Nickel | Graphite | Satin Brass

Metal Canopy Finishes:  Luxe Polished Nickel | Luxe Graphite | Luxe Satin Brass

Optional Upon Request:  Longer Cordset Length | Rigid Stem

Dimensions -

Solitaire Ombra Pendant:  Ø 25cm (10")

Solitaire Petite Ombra:  Ø 19.05cm (7.5")

Canopy:  Ø 12.7cm (5")

Cord Length:  121.92cm (4')

Input Voltage:  240V

Lamp Base:  E27 (Round Filament Bulb Recommended)

Dimming:  Bulb Dependent



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