Kina - David Trubridge

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"Kina is the Maori name for the local sea-urchin. Under the spines the shell is shaped like this with similar surface patterns. I saw this tiny one in Antarctica, sunk in the sea ice in a hollow that was made when the shell absorbed the warmth from the sun and melted the ice around it – an exquisite jewel. Our kitsets significantly reduce freighting, which is one of our ways of doing what we can to help preserve our beautiful sea and land environments.” - David Trubridge

The Kina comes in five sizes with bamboo plywood as the main material which can be all Natural or Caramel as priced above, or painted on one side, plus double-sided Black or White, thus creating a selection of different options.

Please note that David Trubridge is currently phasing out the Natural Plywood finish and transitioning to only Caramel as the base finish. Coloured finishes will continue as paint on Caramel as opposed to the original paint on Bamboo. For this reason, some sizes are no longer available in the Natural finish.

Natural Plywood, Caramel, Red, Lime, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Orange, White, Black

The Kina pendant is made from sustainably sourced natural bamboo plywood. The caramel bamboo starts out as natural and is carbonised using steam to caramelise the natural sugars which darken the bamboo. This process creates a different look without the use of chemicals. For the colour selections an acrylic low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint is used.

David Trubridge - Made in New Zealand




Materials:  Bamboo Plywood

Colours:  Natural | Caramel (plus other colours/combinations listed above)

Dimensions 440:  Ø 440mm x H 200mm

Dimensions 600:  Ø 600mm x H 280mm

Dimensions 800:  Ø 800mm x H 370mm

Dimensions 1000:  Ø 1000mm x H 420mm

Dimensions 1400:  Ø 1400mm x H 650mm

Suspension: 440 / 600 / 800 - 2m Cord | 1000 - 1 x 3m Wire | 1400 - 4 x 5m Wires

* Black comes with black cordset and fasteners. All others come with white cordset and clear fasteners. Custom lengths available on request.

Globe:  E14 - max. 60W (440mm) | E27 - max 60W (All Other Sizes)

Warranty:  This light is warranted for three years from date of purchase for failure of parts


Please note that every David Trubridge fitting is supplied flat packed and are easily assembled in approx. 45-120 mins. Printed instructions are supplied, assembly video is also available. 



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