Sola - David Trubridge

$3,072.00 GST inc.

“Sola is based on the Greek myth, Icarus, about the boy who flew too close to the Sun. Sola represents the Sun which gets too hot if you fly too high. The shapes look a little like the flares that form and curl on the surface and edge of the Sun. Sola is based on the same geometry as our Coral light, with the same total number of shapes, but with extra limbs and connections. ” - David Trubridge

The Sola comes in three sizes and is made from sustainably sourced natural bamboo plywood as the main material which can be all Natural or Caramel, or painted on one side thus creating a selection of different options, plus double-sided Black or White. The paint finshes/stains are all water based and chemical free.  

Natural Plywood, Caramel, Red, Lime, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Orange, White, Black - For any colour combination (interior/exterior) just email through this link or give us a call on (02) 6680 7007 and we can arrange the perfect Sola pendant for you with no further delays at the best price.


Made in New Zealand

Materials:  Bamboo Plywood

Colours:  Natural, Caramel (plus other colours / combinations listed above)

Globe:  E27 60Max

Dimensions:  Ø 800mm  |  Ø 1000mm | Ø 1350mm

Cordset:   2000mm | 5000mm (with 3m suspension cable - longer available)

Suspension:  Stainless Steel Wire 


Each fitting comes flat packed........Average assembly time is 120 mins.  Assembly with additonal freight costs are available upon request.



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