Penny Timber Pendant Light / 2 Timber Options

$495.00 GST inc.

Hand-turned locally in Byron Bay, this pendant light is a testament to both tradition and innovation. Fashioned from local camphor laurel timber, or reclaimed railway sleeper, each piece is meticulously hand-turned, embracing the unique character and grain of the wood.

The minimal silhoutte and natural texture will complement various interior styles. Perfect for bedsides and powder rooms, or lends well to a cluster. Depth of the globe can be set according to your preference: either displayed as a feature or tucked within the shade.

The seamless, smooth exterior that showcases the natural beauty of the timber, with its rich tones and patterns. Its design is thoughtful, ensuring that while it acts as a striking focal point, it harmoniously blends with the surrounding decor, adding a touch of nature's serenity to your environment.

Just as no two trees are alike, each pendant is unique. The hand-turned process allows for slight variations in shape and texture, celebrating the individuality of the wood and the artisan's touch. This ensures that your light is not just a piece of functional decor but a one-of-a-kind artwork that carries the story of its origin and the craftsmanship it took to bring it to life.

This timber pendant is more than just a lighting fixture; it is a piece of the forest's soul, shaped by human hands, ready to illuminate your home with its natural elegance and warmth.

Handmade by Talmyn




Timber Options:  Camphor Laurel | Reclaimed Hardwood

Materials:  Timber | Brass | Aluminium

Cord Grip:  Aged Brass

Ceiling Canopy:  Black

Diameter:  90mm (Camphor Laurel) | 100mm (Reclaimed Hardwood)

Height:  200mm

Cord Length:  1600mm (custom lengths available upon request)

Canopy Size:  Ø 80mm x 25mm

Bulb Required:  1x E27 Edison Screw 

Voltage:  240V

Dimmable:  Bulb Dependent

Lead Time:  Made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks



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