CORAL RING Pendant (x20) / Customisable

$14,000.00 GST inc.

Adorn your space with the remarkable Coral Ring 20 Piece pendant light. The circular ring base, available in a brass finish, matte black, matte white, and medium bronze finishes provides a striking canvas for the arrangement of 20 individual hand-blown glass discs. The interplay of varied glass sizes imparts a distinctive touch of opulence to this centerpiece, making it an ideal choice for hanging above dining tables, kitchen islands, or within an office space. Choose from a frosted or clear glass disc and set the mood of your space with a choice of warm, warm white, or white LED temperatures. Meticulously hand-blown using premium Swedish glass, each disc carries the distinctiveness of SOKTAS Glass designs, promising an unparalleled and personalised lighting masterpiece that adds both elegance and character to your space.

Made in Currumbin, Australia by Soktas 2019 - Designed and Handmade individually by Oliver Höglund

Please expect some variation in colour intensity, size and natural marks such as bubbles, these are hallmarks of studio blown glass. Each piece is individually formed which contributes to the beauty and character of SOKTAS Glass designs.


CORAL Ring Pendant is produced in clear or frosted glass.

CORAL Ring Pendant comes with different round bar finishes, cable finishes, ceiling canopy finishes and colour temps which are to be selected separately and are included in the price when purchasing a Coral Ring Pendant.

If you would like optional 2W LED's, custom length suspension or DALI dimming please contact us on 02 66807007 or for pricing and to process your order.




Materials:  Hand Blown Glass Discs (20 pieces) | Metal

Glass Disc Selections:  Clear | Frosted

Round Bar Selections:  Brass Finish | Matte Black | Matte White | Medium Bronze

Ceiling Mount Selections:  Matte Black | Matte White

Suspension Cable Selections:  Black | Steel

Colour Temp Selections:  3000K (standard) | 2700K | 4000K

Dimensions - 

Glass Discs (20): 10 x Ø 120mm + 10 x Ø 150mm

Round Bar:  Ø 800mm

Ceiling Plates:  4 x Ø 110mm

Suspension:  1500mm (custom available - please enquire)

Weight:  12kg

Light Source:  LED

Power:  100 - 240V AC

Wattage:  20 x 1W (standard) | 20 x 2W (additional cost - please enquire)

Lumens:  150 lm per LED | 300 lm per LED

Driver:  Included -17-29V DC  DC - 350mA Constant Current

Dimming:  Dimmable TRIAC/PHASE (Standard) |  DALI (additional cost – please enquire)

Warranty:  24 Months Included from date of purchase

Lead Time:  Made to order - Allow 10 Weeks



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