iO Phoebus Pendant

$8,045.00 GST inc.

iO Phoebus is a stunning addition to the Maker Design Studio range. At 1.2m wide and 200mm high, Phoebus will be a striking piece in your chosen setting. Named after Saturn’s largest ring, we think Phoebus will bring some galactic awe to your space. There is an option for a black-edge finish (outside face of fin only is coloured black). Radiata is a light coloured timber with some natural variation in grain colour. The paper diffuser is wipeable, tear resistant and non-yellowing Japanese shoji paper.

Phoebus comes complete with a double-facing LED ring luminaire, driver, cord, 5 steel-wire suspension set with ceiling anchors, and a base diffuser as standard. The dimmable LED ring makes Phoebus perfect for both task lighting and feature ambient applications.

After adding your Phoebus, select 'Continue Shopping' and scroll down to add your choice of LED Colour Temp.

Handcrafted in New Zealand

Designer Mat Macmillan

Brand  Maker Design Studio




Materials:  Plywood | Shoji Paper | Polycarbonate

Colours:  Natural | Black Edge

Diffuser:  Natural Shoji Paper

Dimensions:  Outer Ring Ø 1200mm | Inner Ring Ø 1030mm | Height 200mm

Suspension:  5 Steel-Wire Set

Light Source:  LED

Dimmable:  Yes

The Phoebus LED ring comes in one of three temperature options:

2700K  Extra warm. Similar to old incandescent bulbs, perfect for bringing ambiance to your space
3000K  Soft white. Bright but not harsh. Perfect for task lighting in kitchens, workstations, entry ways
4000K  Cool white. A more energising light suitable for office and commercial spaces

Lead Time:  Made to order, approximately 8 Weeks




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