Mei Pendant / 5 Sizes / 2 Colours

Mei is a pendant family composed of different shapes and lines but with a common denominator: the ribbon. The ribbon shades are entirely made in the BOVER facilities, from the welding of the big format frames to the taping process itself. This allows Bover to totally control the product quality, custom process and delivery terms. The Mei lamps are ideal fo rcreating friendly environments where a warm light is required. They mostly have a wide diameter, offering good direct light. Discrete and decorative since its mechanical structure is hidden inside the lamp. The Mei Lamps are held by thin tension cables that enhance its lightness.

Brand Bover

Designed by Joana Bover

Made in Barcelona, Spain




Selections:  5 Sizes | 2 Ribbon Colours

Installation:  Pendant - Interior

Materials:  Polyester Blend Ribbon | Iron Frame | PVC 500 Diffuser

Colours:  White Translucent Ribbon | Cream Translucent Ribbon

Metal Detail:  Satin Nickel

Mei Dimensions -

38:  Ø 380mm | Height 200mm | 1575mm Drop Max

60:  Ø 600mm | Height 320mm | 1660mm Drop Max

90:  Ø 900mm | Height 415mm | 1805mm Drop Max

125:  Ø 1250mm | Height 600mm | 2500mm Drop Max

150:  Ø 1500mm | Height 700mm | 2500mm Drop Max

Canopy:  Ø 120mm | Ø 140mm

Suspension:  Transparent Cable | + Stainless Steel Tensor Cable (Large Pendants)

IP Rating:  IP-20

Globes Required:  1/1/3/5/6 x E27 15W

Dimming:  Globe Dependent

Weight:  1.03kg | 1.92kg | 4.36kg | 6.86kg | 13.75kg




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