Akira Ceiling Light / Square or Round / 3 Sizes / 2 Colours

The Akira Ceiling Light creates an effortless sheet of even light, housed inside a slimline profile. This even diffused light has been meticulously refined to be seamless in a 350mm diameter all the way up to a 900mm diameter. A micro prismatic diffuser completes a ceiling light for applications requiring minimal glare and the gentlest of ambient lighting. 

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Brand:  Unios

Materials:  Powder Coated Aluminium | Polycarbonate Diffuser

Colours:  UV Textured White | UV Textured Black

Size Selections:  3 x Round | 3 x Square

IP Rating:  IP20 | IP54 (350mm)

Beam Angle:  110°

CRI:  80+

Driver:  240V Built-in PC Dimmable Driver

Warranty:  3 years

Lead-time:  5-7 Business Days


Akira Round          R350             R600            R900

Power                    28W              48W             90W

Diameter               350mm          600mm         900mm

Height                    55mm           68mm           68mm

Lumens - 3000k    2755lm         3735lm         7510lm

Lumens - 4000k    3200lm         4050lm         7915lm


Akira Square         S350             S600             S900

Power                     28W              48W              90W

Dimensions   350 x 350mm   600 x 600mm   900 x 900mm

Height                   55mm           68mm            68mm

Lumens - 3000k    2790lm         3925lm          8395lm

Lumens - 4000k    2950lm         4175lm          8410lm


Architectural Lighting Range 



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