We Ponder Ceramic Samples

$7.00 GST inc.

We Ponder feature their 6 biscuit samples for their ceramic wall light range including Dawn, Day, Cloud, Dusk, Nudie, Freckles, Stone & Slate.

Would you like to check how the finish of your We Ponder wall light looks within your space before committing to your purchase?

Samples are available in individual biscuits or a full box set of all 6. Ceramic sample biscuit or set in a We Ponder calico bag.

*Please note, due to their sample biscuits most likely being fired in a different batch from your light purchase, it is possible that your light is a slightly different shade from your sample biscuit. This is the beauty of handmade products being made from natural materials.

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Sample Contents


Available as:  Individual Samples or Full Set of 6

* Beige Freckles (Freckles)

* Raw (Nudie)

* Eggshell White (Cloud, Day, Dawn)

* Unglazed Stone (Stone)

* Flek White (Dusk)

* Shimmered Slate (Slate)

* Ceramic Sample Biscuit Set (6)




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