Wireflow Chandelier Pendant Lamp / 5 Sizes

The Wireflow Chandelier lamps. The designer Arik Levy has created a collection of hanging lamps with a three dimensional form, the Wireflow Chandelier light fittings reinterprets and updates the traditional suspended lighting fixture through an exercise of simplification, bestowing a delicate and marked conceptual character to an ethereal lighting fixture. The Wireflow Chandelier lamps are constructed from black electrical cable and a series of 4.5 Watt LED terminals. Vibia offer us a collection of Wireflow Chandeliers that includes models composed of 20, 42 and 43 diffusers.

Designer:  Arik Levy

Brand:  Vibia

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au for pricing and to process your order.




Selections:  6 Sizes

Installation:  Pendant | Surface - Built-in

Materials:  Aluminium Body & Canopy | Pressed-Glass Diffuser | Steel Rods

Finish:  Black


0315-20 Lights:  Body H 1610mm x Ø 1200mm | Total H 2790mm | Canopy 430mm

0374-43 Lights:  Body H 2670mm x Ø 1500mm | Total H 3070mm | Canopy 700mm

0375-43 Lights:  Body H 3560mm x Ø 1500mm | Total H 3960mm | Canopy 700mm

0376-42 Lights:  Body H 720mm x Ø 1500mm | Total H 1120mm | Canopy 700mm

0377-42 Lights:  Body H 1440mm x Ø 1500mm | Total H 1940mm | Canopy 700mm

0378-42 Lights:  Body H 1260mm x Ø 1500mm | Total H 2760mm | Canopy 700mm

IP Rating:  IP20

Class:  Class I

Light Source:  20 | 42 | 43 x LED 4.48W

Colour Temp:  2700K Very Warm White

Lumen:  9805lm | 20,591lm | 21,082lm  (109m/W)

CRI:  CRI >80

Driver Included:  CC - Constant Current 350 mA 110-240V 50/60Hz

Dimming:  DALI | 1-10V - PUSH DIM



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