Sento Sospeso / 8 Finishes

Height-adjustable suspended luminaire with 32 watt »perfect color« LED: Sento sospeso offers total design freedom and maximum operating comfort in home and commercial settings. Emitting light from one or both sides, the stylish allrounder is perfect for use over tables, in voids or in hallways. It is a snap to operate with gesture control or the Occhio air app. 

The essence of lighting comfort and ease of use. Delight in the fact that Sento sospeso is a suspended luminaire offering a sophisticated solution for every situation. Remaining level at all times, it floats at your height of choice, subtly helping you create a relaxing lighting effect with sensitivity. Control the uplight and the downlight separately and touchlessly, either by gesture using »touchless control« or via Occhio air (optional). Replaceable optical components mean that the lighting effect can be altered at any time. Whatever is happening around you – conveniently adjust the light of your suspended luminaire to your situation

Designer: Axel Meise

Brand: Occhio

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or for pricing and to process your order



* Touchless Control
* Up/Down Fading
* Height Adjustment
* Choose Your Light
* Perfect Colour (CRI 97)
* Air Sync




Selections:  2 Sizes | 8 Finishes | Various Optical Components | 3 Mounting Options

Application:  Pendent | Interior

Materials:  Aluminium | Steel Chrome-Plated | Painted/Anodised - Plastic, Glass, Optical Glass

Finishes Head & Base: 

Shiny Chrome | Bronze | Matt Gold | Rose Gold

Matt Black | Matt White | Phanton | Black Phantom

Dimensions:  Shade Ø 123mm | Height 72mm

Suspension x 2:  500-2000mm Variable | Max 3500mm Fixed (can be adjusted during fitting)

Mounting Options -

Surface Mount (Up): Luminaire/spotlight with integrated power supply unit for surface mounting on solid ceiling/wall

Semi-recessed (Flat): Luminaire/spotlight with flat base for hollow ceiling/wall with cavity box and external power supply unit

Seamless Recessed (Pure):  Luminaire with mounting board to be mounted flush with ceiling

Light Source:  LED

Power:  26W | 32W

Lumious Flux:  1940lm

Beam Angle:  80°

Colour Temps:  2700-3000K (2-step) | 3000, 3500, 4000K (2-step)

CRI:  Perfect Colour; CRI 97 | High Flux CRI 85

IP Rating:  IP-20

Driver Included:  Yes

Dimming:  Touchless | Occhio Air | PHASE

Average Lifetime:  > 50,000 hrs



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