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A groundbreaking collection by designer Stefan Diez, the PLUSMINUS collection utilises a conductive textile cord upon which luminaires can be placed. A range of luminaires and mounting accessories are available, allowing designers to exercise full creativity within their lighting designs. These luminaires use a simple clip system which allows the user to install each luminaire without the need for protective equipment.

Featuring a textural, fabric belt that conducts electricity, it enables light to flow through space. Plusminus provides professionals a powerful toolkit for creating personalised lighting effects and unique atmospheres with different luminaires.

The toolkits feature multiple elements—component pieces, colours, textures—that can be freely adapted and combined to suit the characteristics and constraints of specific spaces. A powerful tool for unique creations, they present designers and architects with infinite possibilities for integrating light in an interior.

Designer Stefan Diez, DIEZ OFFICE

In collaboration with..

VIBIA, Barcelona

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or for pricing and to process your order.

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Sphere   Semisphere   Cone   Spotlight   Linear Diffuser   Linear Low Ugr

Selections: -

6 Finishes | 5 Belt Colours | 3 Colour Temps | Dimming Options | 5 Connection Options

Installation Options:  Hanging | Ceiling | Floor | Wall

Luminaires:  Sphere | Semisphere | Cone | Spotlight | Linear Diffuser | Linear Low Ugr

Finishes:  Black | Off-White | Beige | Terra Red | Blue | Green

Belt Colours (Polyester):  Black | Beige | Terra Red | Blue | Green

Canopy Finish:  Black

Main Materials:  Aluminium | Triplex Glass | Polycarbonate | PET

Colour Temps:  2700K | 3000K | 3500K

Dimming Options:  On/Off | DALI | 1-10V | PUSH | CASAMBI | Casambi (P2P)

Connection Options: -  

Surface Canopy | Built-in | Remote Built-in or Surface Canopy | Plug-in Floor Switch

IP Rating:  IP-20

CRI:  CRI >90

Light Source:  LED | LED Strips (Linear)  

Sizes -

Sphere (2 Sizes):  Ø 200mm | Ø 300mm

Semisphere (2 Sizes):  Ø 200mm x H 130mm | Ø 300mm x H 200mm

Cone (2 Sizes):  Ø 600mm x H 160mm | Ø 800mm x H 220mm

Spotlight:  Ø 100mm x H 110mm

Linear Diffuser (2 Sizes):  Lengths 1020mm, 2020mm | H 40mm x D 30mm

Linear Low Ugr (3 Sizes):  Lengths 268m, 525mm,1037mm | H 70mm x  D 30mm




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