Linear Architectural LED Dimmable Pendant / 2 Sizes / 2 Finishes

A slimline architectural look that can be applied to both residential or commercial applications. The wire-suspended Linear LED Pendant is a modern and spohisticated look for breakfast bars, kitchens benches, dining settings and office workstations and environments.

Featuring a black or white powder coated aluminium frame available in 1200mm or 1700mm lengths, with Tricolour switchable colour temperatures, a removable honeycombe reflector and 2m of adjustable wire suspension to tailor your desired level of light.




Selections:  2 Sizes | 2 Finishes

Material:  Powder Caoted Aluminium 

Finishes:  Black | White

Dimensions:  Lengths 1200mm or 1700mm |  H 105mm | W 34mm

Input Voltage:  240V

Light Source:  LED SMD

Power:  30W | 40W

IP Rating:  IP-20

Colour Temps:  3000K | 4000K | 5700K (Switchable)

Beam Angle:  80° - Opal | 60° - Honeycombe

CRI:  >80

Dimmable:  Yes - with suitable dimmers

Lifespan:  50,000 hrs

Warranty:  3 Years


LUMENS (lm)-

OPAL            1.2m/30W     1.7m/40W      HONEYCOMB 1.2m/30W    1.7m/40W

WW 3000K    2800lm          3500lm           WW 3000K    1050lm          1500lm

NW 4000K     3000lm          3700lm           NW 4000K     1200lm          1700lm

W 5700K       3050lm          3750lm           W 5700K        1400lm          1900lm


Codes:  CDLS  -OIRT-84622-2.1-53-XAM - CDLS-OIRT-25622-7.1-53-XAM






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