IO Sospeso / 8 Finishes

Intuition through innovation. With the io sospeso, light is controlled where it is created: at the luminaire head. The rotatable LED suspended luminaire can be operated and dimmed by making simple gestures thanks to the »touchless control« system. As a result, it is perfect for use over tables and counters. »perfect color« LED provides the best-possible color rendering.

Thanks to an ingenious magnetic fastening, the lens can be removed with a simple twist and customised with up to two optical inserts, meaning that the lighting effect can be precisely tailored to any situation.

Designer: Axel Meise

Brand: Occhio

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* Touchless Control
* Height Adjustment
* Occhio Air (Optional)
* Choose Your Light
* Perfect Colour (CRI 97)
* 3d Movability




Selections:  8 Finishes | Various Optical Components

Application:  Pendant | Interior

Materials:  Aluminium | Zinc Chrome-Plated or Painted | Optical Glass or Plastic


Shiny Chrome | Bronze | Matt Gold | Rose Gold

Matt Black | Matt White | Phantom | Black Phantom

Dimensions - 

Head:  Ø 100mm

Body:  800 –1800 mm /1800 – 2800 mm

Base:  Up  Ø 88mm x H 35mm | Flat  Ø 88mm x H 8mm

Body:  800 –1800 mm /1800 – 2800 mm

Optical Components:  Lenses | Inserts

Mounting Options -

Surface Mount (Up): Luminaire/spotlight with integrated power supply unit for surface mounting on solid ceiling

Semi-recessed (Flat): Luminaire/spotlight with flat base for hollow ceiling with cavity box and external power supply unit

Light Source:  LED

Power:  18W

Luminus Flux: 1170lm

Rotation:  Head 360° 

Colour Temps:  2700-3000K (2-step)

CRI:  Perfect Colour; CRI 97

IP Rating:  IP-20

Dimming:  Sensor | Phase

Average Lifetime:  > 50,000 hrs



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