Array LED Pendant Lamp - Conical / 7 Sizes / 3 Colours

Array is an exploration of thread and its potential to create lightweight and dynamic sculptures of light. Composed of an array of fine threads pulled taut between two rings, the collection presents a variety of conical and cylindrical silhouettes that can be combined together to form a compelling installation. Marking the first collaboration between Vibia and designer Umut Yamac, Array envelops rather than invades the space it occupies. Experimenting with light, Yamac manipulates layers of technically-processed thread into majestic, three-dimensional volumes that shimmer overhead.

Balanced by the weight of the aluminium rings, the threads are held in tension to create a delicate, lightweight form. Solid, yet translucent, the layered lines of cord influence the visitor’s perception of volume, weight and depth to create a new spatial experience. Combining soft downlighting with an alluring upwards glow, a light source concealed within the lower ring washes upwards from below to produce a spectacular gradient effect as it interacts with the tone and texture of the threads. The layering effect creates an interference pattern, or moire, which produces the illusion of movement with the shifting gaze of the viewer, the threads seeming to vibrate as the light passes through.

Array makes a striking statement for a variety of commercial and residential spaces. The collection incorporates different heights in various shapes, the largest of which extends to nearly two metres in height and 124 cm in diameter. The matte black of the aluminium rings is complemented by the soft hue of the threads, which come in a warm terra red, sober green and neutral beige to suit a variety of contemporary palettes.

Designer:  Umut Yamac

Brand:  Vibia    Year Manufacture:  2023

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Collection:  Array

Model:  Conical

Selections:  7 Sizes | 3 Colours

Models:  1850 | 1855 | 1860 | 1865 | 1870 | 1875 | 1880

Colours:  Beige | Terra Red | Green


Upper ring: Aluminium | Bottom ring: Brass | Diffuser: Polycarbonate | Threads: PES FR

Frame Finish:  Matte Black

Diameters:   550mm (1850,1855,1860) | 830mm (1865,1870) | 1240mm (1875,1880)

Suspension:  5000mm Max

Canopy Options:  Surface Basic | Built-in S | Remote Micro

IP Rating:  IP20

Light Source:  LED Strip

Wattage:  33W | 50W | 76W

Colour Temp:  2700K

Lumens:  3993lm | 6050lm | 9196lm

CRI:  CRI >90

Driver Included:  CV 90~305 V 50~60 Hz

Dimming Options:  Push; DALI |  1-10V |  Casambi

Lead Time:  Allow 8-10 weeks





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