Gioia Lettura / 8 Finishes

Whether illuminating the whole room or providing focused light for reading, Gioia lettura and its powerful light can be adapted to meet any need thanks to its adjustable height, orientation, colour temperature and intensity. Gioia lettura brings optimal reading light to your chosen spot for focused or relaxing activities. As the name suggests, the »focus light« feature enables you to focus the light. With its sculptural appearance, the fascinating flexibility of the luminaire first becomes evident at second glance: both body and head are rotatable 360°, making redirection of the light absolutely effortless. 

Designer: Axel Meise

Brand: Occhio

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* Touchless Control
* Up/Down Fading
* Ochhio Air
* Focus Light
* Colour Tune
* Air Sync
* Infinite Move




Selections:  8 Finishes | Various Optical Components

Application:  Floor | Interior

Materials:  Aluminium Head/Body | Steel Base | Painted/Anodised | Optical Plastic

Head Finishes - 

Painted:  Matt Silver | Matt Black | Matt White | Matt Gold |

PVD Coated:  Rose Gold | Bronze | Phantom

Anodised:  Black Phantom

Fork/Body/Base/Cable:( Painted ) Matt White | Matt Black

Dimensions -

Head:  Ø 300mm x H 40mm

Height:  Adjustable 1200-1600mm

Base:  Ø 300mm x H 18mm

Cable:  2m (1.5m is retractable)

Rotation:  Head 360° | Body 360° | Base 360° 

Optical Components:  Lenses | Inserts

Lighting Effects -  

Wide:  Up & Down | Beam Angle 80° Down | Wide Asymmetric/flood Insert | 24W, 1830lm

Focus:  Directed & Focused Light Downwards  | 9W, 610lm

Light Source:  LED

Power:  30W

Luminous Flux:  1830lm

Colour Temps -

2 Step:    2700K | 3000K | 3500K | 4000K

»color tune«:   2700–4000K

CRI:  High Colour CRI 85

IP Rating:  IP-20

Dimming:  Touchless | Occhio Air

Average Lifetime:  > 50,000 hrs



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