LX Infinity Louvre

The Louvre LX features precisely spaced louvres layer, delivering uninterrupted light distribution, high efficacy and minimised glare. Perfectly suited to recess, surface mount or suspend. By using the rod or wire suspension kit, there is an option for indirect lighting. Combine the six fundamental shapes to create up to 50m of striking geometric installations – with zero light leakage.

The Louvre optics provide high-aesthetics and super low glare by adding another layer between the occupant and the light source. There are slight variations in lumen output with the black optics softening the light while the white optics maximising the light output.

Designed for visual comfort and engineered for performance, the combinations are endless with LX Infinity. Configured in seconds using the LX Configurator and made in four weeks, this is the definitive linear lighting solution.


Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au for pricing and to process your order.

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Brand:  Unios

Materials:  Powder Coated Aluminium | Polycarbonate Trim | PMMA Diffuser

Finish Options:  Textured Black | Black/White Trim | White/Black Trim | Textured White

Optics:  Louvre (Architectural) - Black or White

Mounting Options:  Recessed | Surface | Rod Suspension | Wire Suspension

Types:  Direct | Indirect | Recessed Spring | Recessed Clip

Configurations (6):  Square Shape | Z Shape | S Shape | Striaght | L Shape | U Shape

Length Options:

841mm | 1121mm | 1401mm | 1681mm | 1961mm | 2241mm | L (548mm x 548mm)

Profile Dimensions:

Surface/Suspensed 62mm x 82mm | Recessed Spring 78mm x 77mm / Clip 78mm x 69mm

Colour Temps:  2700-6500K | 2700K | 3000K | 4000K

Wattage:  22W/m (Direct/Recessed, Spring, Clip) | 34W/m (Indirect/Suspended)

Absolute Luminous Flux:  (Black or White Optics)

22W/m (White) - 2207lm/m (at 2700K)  2269lm/m (at 3000K)  2379lm/m (at 4000K)

22W/m (Black) - 1372lm/m (at 2700K)  1411lm/m (at 3000K)  1479lm/m (at 4000K)

34W/m (White) - 3741lm/m (at 2700K)  3847lm/m (at 3000K) 4033lm/m (at 4000K)

34W/m (Black) - 2907lm/m (at 2700K)  2989lm/m (at 3000K)  3134lm/m (at 4000K)

IP Rating:  IP40

CRI:  80+ (R9: >0)

UGR:  Black <13 | White <19

Beam:  90° (F)

Colour Deviation:  SDCM≤3

Technology Optimised Options:  Tridonic | Tunable White | DALI | Casambi

Lifetime:  >60,000h L80B10

Warranty:  5 Years

Lead Time:  Made To Order - Allow 4 Weeks


Architectural Lighting Range



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