Aeratron AE+ Master Wall Controller

$239.00 GST inc.

The AE+ Master Wall Controller Kit is specifically designed to give you complete control of the fan, meaning you can turn it on/off, reverse the fan for summer or winter use and also regulate all speeds. Available in both with or without light models. Upon installing the wall control, the original remote control will become disabled and no longer usable. If you wish to control multiple fans you will need to purchase a slave controller - see other page.


Important Information


Available in With or Without Light models.

Once the wall control is connected the existing remote control will be disabled.

The slave controller is suitable to function with both the with light and without light models.

Twin active cable wiring must be completed through the fans location to the wall controllers location.

A wall controller and slave controller will work together with a maximum of 8 Aeratron ceiling fans connected to the same lighting circuit. In excess of this amount will create a trip in the circuit.

A licensed electrician must install the wall controllers, which are voltage free and restricted to not connecting directly to 240V. If these instructions haven't been met, the implications will cause damage to the fan(s) and void existing warranties.



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