Tria 05 Outdoor Wall Sconce / 2 Finishes

The Tria Wall Sconces are one of the most beautiful Bover products and receive wide response from the Bover catalog. For this reason they decided to take them a little further to now included them for gardens, terraces and open spaces, both public or private. Their organic forms, like worn out river stones, give them original charachter, and the frontal shade finished in Graphite Brown or Teak can be re-positioned for added shadow play and design.

Brand Bover

Designed by Rubén Saldaña

Made in Barcelona, Spain

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or for pricing and to process your order.




Selections:  2 Finishes

Feature:  Light can be re-positioned for desired look 

Materials:  Aluminium or Teak

Installation:  Wall - Exterior | Interior

Finishes:  Graphite Brown Metal | * Teak Wood

Dimensions:  Ø 330mm | Height 360mm | Extends 90mm

Wall Mount:  Ø 120mm

Frontal Shade Rotation:  350°

IP Rating:  IP-66

Light Source:  In-Built LED

Wattage:  11.5W

Colour Temp:  2700K

Output:  1346lm

CRI:  90

Dimming:  TRIAC Dimmable

* Note of use: These lamps are made of real teak wood. To preserve its original appearance, a minimum twice-a-year teak oil maintenance is required.




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