Compact Recessed Uplighter / 4 Finishes


A compact, recessed uplighter/decklight suitable for many applications including wall-washing, feature highlighting and flora illumination. An optical cut-off option with an internal baffle that limits glare, perfect for narrow walkways, stairwells and as a downlight. or any situations where a symmetric beam pattern would result in an unwanted effect or glare. Available in 4 Finishes.

A quality premium light assembled in Australia guarantees delivery to a high standard. 

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Material:  CNC Machined Aluminium

Dimensions:  Ø 72mm x 3mm | H 65mm Mono - H 83mm RGBW | Inground  Ø 43m

IP Rating:  IP67

Control Gear:  12~24V AC / 24V DC | 24V DC RGBW

Dimming:  3-Wire 10V PWM (DALI) | 4CH Low-Side PWM

Cable:  1M PLUS Quick Connect

Warranty:  7 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Configuration Options


Finish Options:  Bronze | White | Black | Basalt

Light Source Options:

4W / 300lm / 3000K / 300mA               10W / 555lm / RGB+3000K

7W / 550lm / 3000K / 550mA                7W / 160lm / Blue 470nm

4W / 320lm / 5700K / 300mA                7W / 280lm / Red 630nm

7W / 600lm / 5700K / 550mA                7W / 420lm / Green 530nm

4W / 300lm / 2700K / 300mA                7W / 320lm / Amber 585nm

7W / 550lm / 2700K / 550mA

Optical Options:

Narrow 10° | Medium 25° | Wide 40° | Wide Wide 55° | Diffused Frosted DF | Asymmetric ~30° Offset A1


NB: This Sydney based factory has a sustainable ethos and runs on 100% Renewable Energy, through to sustainable product design & packaging choices.

LQA Code: 551



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