Nans S/55 Outdoor Pendant / 3 Colours

The Nans S/55 shade is hand woven with a more elaborate weave, combining different ways of weaving the fibre in the same layer. It is different from the rest of the collection, because it incorporates an elliptical polyethylene diffuser, which filters the light and prevents glare.

Brand Bover

Designed by Joana Bover

Made in Barcelona, Spain

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or for pricing and to process your order.




Selections:  3 Colours

Installation:  Pendant - Exterior | Interior

Materials:  Aluminium | Synthetic Fibre | Polyethylene Diffuser

* Hand woven with a recyclable and non-toxic synthetic polyethylene fiber

* Metal surfaces coated with cataphoresis and epoxy polyester paint


* Red Shade (with Orange & Beige)

* Brown Shade (with Beige & Light Grey)

Beige Shade (with Light Blue & Light Grey)

Dimensions:  Ø 550mm | Height 120mm

Canopy:  Ø 120mm x 40mm

Suspension:  2000mm Drop Max

IP Rating:  IP-54

Light Source:  In-built LED

Wattage:  8W

CRI:  90

Colour Temperature:  2700K

Output:  635lm

Dimming:  TRIAC Dimmable

* Note of use: For environments with a high salinity, proper maintenance of the luminaire will be necessary. We recommend cleaning it with a soft brush and remove salt, dust, or dirt deposited by moisture or wind.



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