Atticus Bollard / 2 Sizes / 2 Colours

With Atticus, less is more. Light and simple in its design, yet sophisticated in the possibilities it offers with its discreet personality. Designed for decorative lighting of private gardens, provides magical warmth to outdoor spaces. These small lamps can be placed under trees or between plants, giving each designer the freedom to create the atmosphere they want. A family of lamps that complements the rest of the Bover outdoor collection, representative of the brand's Mediterranean personality.

Brand Bover

Designed by Joana Bover

Made in Barcelona, Spain

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or for pricing and to process your order.




Selections:  2 Sizes  B/40  B/50 | 2 Colours

Installation:  Bollard - Exterior

Materials:  Aluminium | Stainless Steel | Polyethylene | Synthetic Wicker

* Hand woven with a recyclable and non-toxic synthetic polyethylene fiber

* Metal surfaces coated with cataphoresis and epoxy polyester paint


* Natural White with Light Beige Shade

* Graphite Brown with Brown Shade

Dimensions -  

B/40:  Height 400mm | Shade Ø 270mm x H 170mm

B/50:  Height 500mm | Shade Ø 270mm x H 170mm

IP Rating:  IP-54 (light source protected by polycarbonate diffuser)

Light Source:  In-Built LED

Wattage:  8.4W 

CRI:  90

Colour Temp:  2700K

Lumens:  460lm

Dimming:  TRIAC Dimmable

* Note of use: For environments with a high salinity, proper maintenance of the luminaire will be necessary. We recommend cleaning it with a soft brush and remove salt, dust, or dirt deposited by moisture or wind.



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