Contemporary Wall Lights

  • Applique De Marseille $989.00

    Le Corbusier designed the Applique de Marseille for his Pari..

  • Stira LED Wall Light $189.00

    In white and 3 x timber finishes, the Stira wall light is a ..

  • Astro Fixed Two Wall Light

    For a subtle, angular statement choose a square-shaped exter..

  • Codex Reading Wall Light

    Available in a textured White or Black finish, the Codex is ..

  • Zen Wall Light

    Also in black. For sale through our showroom. Please call (0..

  • Ori

    The Ori Wall Light exudes individuality with its orb-like de..

  • Onyx Wall Light

    The Onyx is a modern LED wall light with a difference. With ..

  • Orbit Wall Light

    This compact and slimline wall light will produce beautiful ..

  • Orbit Plus Wall Light

    The big brother of the Orbit, the Orbit Plus Wall Light comb..

  • Cosmo Wall Light

    The Cosmo Wall Light has been developed with a unique and ve..

  • Sunstone Wall Light

    The recessed Sunstone Wall Light is a perfect complement to ..

  • Minq Wall Light

    Whether installed indoors or outdoors, the Minq Wall Light b..

  • Luxy Wall Lamp - Small / 3 Stem Finishes / 5 Shade Colours $405.00

    LUXY W0 Luxy is a "classic" lamp: with the flexibility to s..

  • Mini Wall Uplighter 20W $490.00

    A stylish contemporary surface mounted wall uplight with a t..

  • Flip Wall IP54 $129.00

    Dimensions:Length mm, Height 53mm, Projection 53mm Lumens:En..

  • Side Box IP54 3K $129.00

    LED Wall Light Specifications Dimensions:Length 120mm, Heigh..

  • Curved IP54 $129.00

    LED Wall Light Specifications Dimensions:Length 110mm, Heigh..

  • Tapered IP54 3K $107.00

    LED Wall Light Specifications Dimensions:Length 100mm, Heigh..

  • Box IP54 3K $195.00

    LED Wall Light Specifications Dimensions:Length 140mm, Heigh..

  • Oval IP54 $174.00

    LED Wall Light

  • Smile - 7W LED Wall Light $196.00

    For use indoors or outdoors, the Smile is a versatile contem..

  • Cube Wall Light $125.00


  • Rio $160.00


  • Tubular Semi Recessed Adjustable Wall Light $356.00

    This sleek adjustable reading wall light is available in fou..

  • Smile Halogen IP20 $77.00

    Specifications Dimensions:Length 200mm, Height 100mm, Projec..

  • Oval Halogen IP20 $77.00

    Specifications Dimensions:Length 200mm, Height 100mm, Projec..

  • Alrisha $402.00

    ALRISHACollection that includes an aluminium wall lamp paint..

  • Marc Wall Light

    The innovative Marc Commercial Wall Light is uniquely design..

  • Rythmos Head

    RYTHMOS HEAD Rythmos is a modular programme made up of suspe..

  • Rythmos

    RYTHMOS Rythmos is a modular programme made up of suspension..

  • Bali $336.00

    Passive cooling, integrated electronic supply, flexibility i..

  • Kube $142.00

    KUBE The Kube is an up-down wall light and emits a 3000K LED..

  • Cyma $310.00

    CYMA Cyma is a wall light with a simple, elegant shape. Crea..

  • Louvre $176.00

    LOUVRE The Louvre LED Wall Light provides a gentle soft wash..

  • XX SETTEMBRE 1870 $754.00

    XX SETTEMBRE 1870 XX Settembre 1870 by Omikron Design is cha..

  • LA FENICE $470.00

    LA FENICE La Fenice has been developed with the aim of resea..

  • PETIT BUERRE $795.00

    PETIT BUERRE Architectural wall light. OMIKRON Colours:White..

  • Polia $426.00

    POLIA   Manuel Vivian's Polia design for Axo Light is a col..

  • Wafer

    WAFER Minimal design uplight with wide light distribution L..

  • BELVEDERE $390.00

    BELVEDERE Belvedere provides the perfect indirect light. It ..

  • Dress Wall Light / 5 Finishes $475.00

    DRESS The Vistosi Dress Wall Light has a classical shaped Mu..

  • Damasco Wall Light / 2 Sizes / 4 Finishes $530.00

    DAMASCO The Damasco wall light collection is created with th..

  • Cubic Grande $227.00

    Cubic Grande indirect wall light in Copper. The Cubic Grande..

  • Vector & Mini Vector LED - Copper $312.00

    The Vector is a fixed slimline uplight.The 13W Warm LED lig..

  • Sleek LED Wall Bracket $365.00

    The Sleek Wall Bracket comes as a 13W LED. It is available w..

  • LIKA $42.00

    WALL / CEILING LIKA T5 FLURO Wall luminaire; plastic, silver..

  • Aquarius $240.00

    Type: Wall lightMaterial: Steel and glassColours: Satin chro..

  • Aries $255.00

    Colours: white / red / black / silver - powdercoated alumini..

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