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Sunstone Wall Light

The recessed Sunstone Wall Light is a perfect complement to any design scheme. Illuminate interior stairs or guide your guests down an outdoor hallway with this versatile wall light. Available in a square or round shape.

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or for pricing and to process your order.

Finishes: Anodised Aluminium

Power: 3w

Lumens Output: 80 (at 3000k)

Beam Angle: 25 Degrees

Colour Temperature: 3000K & 4000k

Driver: 240v Built in Driver. Dimmable Driver option available

IP Rating: IP65

Lifetime: 36,000 hours

Warranty: 3 Years  

                          Round          Square

Diameter           79mm        79mm x 79mm

Depth                24mm           24mm

Cutout               70mm           70mm

With wall box    75mm           75mm

Wall box depth  65mm           65mm


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