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Bot Pendant / 3 Sizes
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A moving volume generates a new one is the concept represented by the collection BOT. This also refers to the process of glass blowing, in which the material contains incandescent light, before they even have a definite shape. This fitting is available in 3 sizes and only comes in white with a clear front edge (prices vary).  Also produced as a table lamp.


Made in Italy

Brand: Vistosi


Materials: Glass

Finishes:  White

BOT 16: 1X75W G9

Dimensions: 16cm X 16cm, max drop 140cm

BOT 35: 3 X100W E27

3X100W E27

Dimensions:  35cm X 34cm, max drop 120cm

BOT 45: 2 X100W E27

Dimensions: 45cm X 16cm, max drop 120cm


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