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Bloom Lantern
$390.00 GST inc.

21st CENTURY ECO-ICON, selected by UK broadcaster, author and eco-advocate Orianna Fielding-Banks

available: certified tasmanian oak, blackwood or ask about custom veneers
style: timber chandelier or lamp
flat-pack: easy delivery, tool free assembly 
shown: large, blackwood - colour varies

large: 520mm H
includes: black or white electrical fittings

Our flower emblem Eucalyptus Globulus or commonly Tasmanian Blue Gum prompted the BLOOM Grandelier’s filigree design. An appropriate dedication to an Australian state where both the timber industry and green activists are equally represented. Interestingly, this flower emblem is one of two eucalypt species grown in Tasmania’s sustainable plantations for use as high quality sawlogs and veneer products.


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