SOL Round Wall Light

$790.00 GST inc.

SOL is a flat disc shape made with quality Swedish clear glass to dress a defused pineapple LED bulb. The defused LED bulb shines and refracts off the contours of the SØL round wall light to give a unique one of a kind lighting design. The free formation design ensures that no two pieces are the same, giving you a truly aesthetic piece for your space. Modern & contemporary wall lights for residential, hospitality, commercial & architectural builds. SOL Wall Light includes a custom made metal wall fixture, lamp holder, driver & dedicated LED bulb.

Glass dimensions may vary slightly due to handmade process.

Made in Currumbin, Australia by Soktas - Designed and Handmade individually by Oliver Höglund

SOL Wall is produced in clear glass with a choice of either a matte black, brass or matte white wall plate.




Material:  Hand Blown Glass

Finish Shade:  Clear

Finish Selections Wall Plate:  Matte Black | Brass | Matte White

Dimensions:  (Approx) Ø 15cm-17cm  Thickness 1cm-2cm 

Wall Plate:  Ø 100mm

Weight:  0.5kg

Light Source:  LED

Temperatures:  3000K (Standard)

Lumen Output:  150 lm (Optional 300 Lumen output available)

Driver:  Included. (4v DC - 350mA Constant Current)

Dimming:  Single use - non dimming

Warranty:  24 Months Included from date of purchase



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