Kira A/01 Wall Light

The Kira wall lamp is a light box that emits an aura of warm luminosity around its inner perimeter. In addition, it emits lower light through an LED plate and there is the option to add a button with 3 dimming settings. With a fresh and lightweight design, Kira is mainly intended to be used in bedrooms.

Brand Bover

Designed by Danos Salgados

Made in Barcelona, Spain




Selections:  TRIAC Dimmable or *Push-Button

Installation:  Wall - Interior

Materials:  Aluminium | Polycarbonate

Finish:  Textured Matte White

Dimensions:  L 245mm | H 170mm | Extends 82mm

IP Rating:  IP-20

Light Source:  1 x 8.4W LED Built-in

Colour Temp:  2700K

Lumens:  1100lm

CRI:  CRI 90

Dimming:  Dimmable - TRIAC | *Push-Button

*Push–Button - 3 dimming position: 33% 66% 100%  The lamp will turn on with the same light output as when it was switched off.

*The same plate can be installed either with the push-button on the left or right side of the lamp



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