T550 H Curve LED Track Light

Ideal for spotlighting interior features and artworks, the T550 H Curve is available in both H-track and Euro track for fast, easy installation.

Perfect for pairing with the rest of the Surface Series, the petite T550 H Curve provides unparalleled flexibility and Tru-Colour light quality.

Featuring a 36° beam angle, the T550 H Curve track light is designed for precision lighting of smaller architectural features and artworks. Its directional beam reduces light spill, giving you more control over how the light falls in your space.

The T550 H Curve track light has a 360° body rotation and 90° angle tilt – making adjustments large and small a breeze. Its universal H-track base and constant friction hinge provide unlimited freedom to rearrange your lighting configuration as often as you please.

By eliminating the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation, Surface Series LEDs stop conditioned air from escaping through the roof. Choosing surface-mounted LEDs instead of recessed equivalents means an average-sized Australian home stands to save so much on heating and cooling, that it will cover their lighting bill

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au for pricing and to process your order.


Colours: White or Black

Track:  H-Track / Eurotrack

Input voltage:  220-240V

Power usage: 8.5W

Colour Temp: 3000K or 4000K

Lumens: 3000K 550lm (36°) | 4000K 560lm (36°) 

Gimbal angle:  90º/360º

Beam angle: 36°

Dimmable:  Yes

IP: 44

Lifetime: 70,000 hours 

Warranty: 7 Years



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