T2000 H Linear LED Track Light

Perfect for homes with high ceilings, galleries,and commercial spaces, this powerful track light combines efficiency with light quality, washing spaces with brilliant Tru-Colour illumination

The most powerful design in the Linear track light range, the T2000 H Linear track light projects 2000 lumens of directional, Tru-Colour illumination – providing unparalleled control, flexibility and light quality.

Featuring a 360° body rotation and 90° angle tilt, the T2000 H Linear features a constant friction hinge for seamlessly smooth adjustments – giving you ultimate control over your lighting design now, and as it requires changes over the years.

Ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings, the T2000 H Linear provides gallery-grade precision, as well as Tru-Colour light quality to enhance the appearance of interior colours, details and artworks. (Tru-Colour - Tested to represent higher values of key colours across the visual spectrum, Tru-Colour lights add depth and richness to interior colours and design details.)

The largest fitting in the Linear track light range, the T2000 H Linear can be paired with its smaller, lower-lumen counterparts for a consistent look in spaces that require spotlighting, general illumination or high-output accent lighting.

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au for pricing and to process your order.


Colours: White or Black

Track:  H-Track / Eurotrack

Input voltage:  220-240V

Power usage: 33W

Colour Temp: 3000K or 4000K

Lumens: 3000K 2000lm (10°) 2020lm (40°) | 4000K 2020lm (10°) 2040lm (40°) 

Gimbal angle:  90º (360º Rotation)

Beam angle: 10° 40°

Dimmable:  Yes

IP: 44

Lifetime: 50,000 hours 

Warranty: 7 Years



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