Cast Linear Light

The latest generation of indirect pelmet luminaires by Unios. Hide the light source with the Cast Linear Light – the innovative and advanced linear lighting solution. Through its unique design, the Cast Linear Light offers a clean, even, long line of illumination across ceilings and walls. This pelmet luminaire can be installed into ledges and recesses or angled down, adjacent to walls. Designed as an easy to install pelmet luminaire, the Cast will adapt seamlessly to any commercial or domestic project. With indirect lighting becoming increasingly prevalent in the commercial and residential sector, the Cast Linear Light is a comprehensive luminaire system for a range of applications. It comes designed with an angled LED board, linear lens and a uniquely designed clip-system to emit a forward-throw asymmetrical beam to your desired angle.

* Designed in 4 distinct lengths the Cast Linear Light can run from one single power source at up to 45m (Longer run lengths are available upon request)

* With a simple female and male lead system, each Cast can be installed either abutted together or 200mm apart

* Elevate the angle of the Cast Linear Light with the innovative and easy to-install clip system

* The Cast Linear Light was shown to save 67% of time in comparison to a traditional strip light install


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Brand: Unios 

Materials:  Extruded Aluminium | Polycarbonate Diffuser

Finish:  Anodised Silver

Model Selections:  High Efficiency (HE) | High Output (HO) | Ultra High Output (UH)

Size Selections:  4

Length Dimensions:  300mm | 580mm | 1140mm | 2260mm

Body Dimension:  H 95mm  D 42mm | Cable 200mm

Maximum Running Lengths:  (HE) 45m | (HO) 35m | (UH) 25m

Class:  Class 1

IP Rating:  IP20

Light Source:  LED

Colour Temps:  2700K | 3000K | 4000K | 5000K | RGB | Tunable White (2700K–6500K)

Wattage (350mA) HE580: 8W | 1140: 16W | 2260: 32W 

Wattage (350mA) HO: *300: 8W | 580: 16W  | 1140: 32W | 2260: 63W 

Wattage (300mA) UH:  300: 10W | 580: 20W | 1140: 40W | 2260: 80W

* The 300mm High Output (HO) Model Is Only Available in DALI

Absolute Luminous Flux (at 3000K):

HE:  580: 960lm | 1140: 2055lm | 2260: 4110lm

HO:  300: 900lm | 580: 2030lm | 1140: 4030lm | 2260: 8060lm

UH:  300: 1155lm | 580: 2560lm | 1140: 5260lm | 2260: 10,520lm

Absolute Luminous Flux (at 4000K):

HE:  580: 1080lm | 1140: 2085lm | 2260: 4170lm

HO:  300: 920lm | 580: 2050lm | 1140: 4120lm | 2260: 8240lm

UH:  300: 1255lm | 580: 2845lm | 1140: 5275lm | 2260: 10,550lm

CRI:  80+

Efficacy:  Up To 121lm/w

Colour Deviation:  SDCM≤3

Beam Angle:  110°

Driver:  Built-in Tridonic Non-Dim

Dimming:  Tridonic DALI Dim Optional

Lifetime:  60,000h L80B10

Warranty:  5 Years

Lead Time:  Made To Order ( Subject to MOQ's)


Unios ~

"As a brand we are committed to business practices that endeavour to preserve the environment we live and work in. In our production processes, we strive to not only utilise technology that maximises energy efficiency but to also utilise recyclable components and minimise hazardous substances used in manufacturing."  ~  Thank you Unios! 


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