P900 Curve LED Pendant

Perfect for illuminating centres of the home, like dining areas and kitchen benches, the minimalist P900 Curve pairs stylish simplicity and projects an ambient, warm white Tru-Colour light quality — bringing out the best in skin tones, interior colours and details in surfaces like wood grains and marble. Tru-Colour - Tested to represent higher values of key colours across the visual spectrum, Tru-Colour lights add depth and richness to interior colours and design details.

Using its adjustable 1.2-metre cord, the P900 Curve can be looped through ceiling hooks or hung at a range of levels. Create beautiful feature lighting by clustering pendants together at different heights, or space the fixtures further apart for general illumination.

Featuring a deeply-recessed, low-glare lens and a pure aluminium body, the P900 Curve emits 802 lumens on just 16.5W. Compatible with leading Australian control systems and dimmers, this LED pendant offers a high-end accent for contemporary spaces.

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au for pricing and to process your order.


Colours: White or Black

Input voltage:  220-240V

Power usage:  16.5W

Colour Temp: 3000K or 4000K

Lumens: 3000K 900lm (45°) | 4000K 920lm (45°) 

Gimbal angle:  N/A

Beam angle: 45°

Dimmable:  Yes

IP: 44

Lifetime: 70,000 hours 

Warranty: 7 Years



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