Navicular - David Trubridge

$4,446.00 GST inc.

Navicula is derived from nature, in this case from one of the many microscopic diatoms that float around in the oceans. The flowing, segmented form is shipped as kitset and assembled on site with push-in nylon clips. The thin curved pieces of CNC-cut bamboo plywood create a flowing structure that also casts magical patterns. It is lit from within with a row of LED pin-point lights.

Navicula is produced in three sizes with bamboo plywood as the main material which can be all Natural or Caramel, or painted on one side thus creating a selection of different options, plus double-sided Black or White.

Natural Plywood, Caramel, Red, Lime, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Orange, White, Black - For any colour combination (interior/exterior) just email through this link or give us a call on (02) 6680 7007 and we can arrange the perfect Navicular pendant for you with no further delays at the best price.

Navicular is made from sustainably sourced natural bamboo plywood and the paint finshes/stains are all water based and chemical free.


Made in New Zealnd

Materials:  Bamboo, Plywood

Colours:  Natural, Caramel (plus other colours/combinations listed above)

Globe:  (Supplied) LED Light Strip, 2700K, Dimmable


Small:  W 570mm  H 200mm  D 1440mm

Medium:  W 900mm  H 380mm  D 1950mm

Large:  W 1000mm  H 450mm  D 2500mm

Cordset: 5000mm (197”)

Suspension:  Stainless Steel Wire


Each fitting comes flat packed........Average assembly time is 45-80 mins (printed instructions included or on-line video). Assembly with additonal freight costs are available upon request.





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