LX R56 Recessed LED Panel / 2 Colour Finishes

The broad scope of the LX Recessed Series makes this linear light highly suitable for a range of applications from educational facilities to office workspaces. A new three-part magnetic end cap design consists of an end cap mounted with 4-screws and a two-part magnetic end cover. Configure the LX Recessed Linear Series with a highly efficient opal or low glare prismatic diffuser, creating a comfortable linear light for all occasions.

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Brand: Unios 

Finish: Textured Black or Textured White

Voltage: 240V

Dimensions: Face Width - 56mm | Back Width - 43mm | Depth - 32mm 


15W 583mm | 22W 863mm | 30W 1143mm | 38W 1423mm | 45W 1703mm | 52W 1983mm | 60W 2263mm

Colour Temps: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Lumens at 4000K: 15W 1045lm | 22W 1570lm | 30W 2085lm | 38W 2615lm | 45W 3130lm | 52W 3655lm  | 60W 4170lm

IP Rating: 40 or 44

CRI: 82+

Driver:240V Remote Tridonic Non-Dimmable Driver

Dimmable Driver Options:

240V Remote Analogue 1-10V Dimmable Driver (AD)

240V Remote Tridonic DALI Dimmable Driver (DALI)240V Built-in Non-dimmable driver

Warranty: 5 years


Architectural Lighting Range 



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