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Lisca is a lamp system composed of fluorescent tubes, which has both technical characteristics and decorative qualities. This lamp has naked plastic optics; it can be used in a variety of ways, and to provide various types of visual comfort. The colour and screen-printed elements on the side of the translucent/coloured version soften the direct and diffused light; it can therefore be used to decorate and personalise any room. The chrome version uses dark light optics, which makes it particularly useful for computer room. Being clicked onto an aluminium extruded section, the body of the lamp is easy to remove and clean, and it is easy to change the light bulb. Lisca is a modular lamp; it is possible to use on single module, or to assemble them in order to create a continuous luminous line. Lisca won a 2005 'IF product design award.'

  • Colours:Blue, Chrome, Green, Red, White, Yellow
  • Globe:2 x G5 T5 54w Fluorescent
  • Sizes:
  • H1: 95cm(w) x 10cm(h), max drop 180cm 
  • H2: 125cm(w) x 10cm(h), max drop 180cm 
  • H3: 155cm(w) x 10cm(h) max drop 180cm
  • Made In:Italy





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