Contemporary Slimline Exhaust Fan 100mm / 2 Finishes

$98.00 GST inc.

Only 2x Brushed Aluminium left!


A contemporary slimline 100mm exhaust fan featuring a German made motor by Fanco. Suitable for either ceiling or wall installations, and can be connected to duct so the air may be exhausted out of the house. It also has a built-in back draft shutter (a clear plastic flap at the back) to stop warm air escaping or external air coming in through the fan. Produced in White or Brushed Aluminium along with a range of accessories.

Accessories are priced and selected seperately.

Popular with interior designers and architects due to its minimalistic form, this model is commonly used in toilets and powder rooms.


Manufacturer:  Fanco, Germany

Material:  Plastic

Finishes:  White | Brushed Aluminum

Capacity:  0088 m3/hr

Capacity (L/S):  24.4 l/s

Motor Wattage:  014w

Current:  0.085A

Noise Level:  33 dB(A)

IP Rating:  IP34

Dimensions:  Ceiling Hole 100mm | Wall Hole 100mm | Duct Hole 100mm

Warranty:  Manufacturer 2 year replacement warranty (conditions apply)



Stainless Steel Gravity Vent 100mm -A metal vent that has gravity operated shutters. Designed to connect to 100mm ducting. Includes a rubber seal to ensure weatherproof and tight contact to the mounting surface.

Plastic Gravity Vent 100mm - A basic plastic vent that has gravity operated shutters. Designed to connect to 100mm ducting. Constructed from ABS UV stabilised polymer and easily installed via four screws.

Plastic Flyscreen Vent 100mm - The Vent Fixed Flyscreen is a vent/grille for use with exhaust fans. It is normally placed on the outside wall or under the eaves. It is available in white and comes with a built-in flyscreen.

Flexible Ducting 100mm - This Flexible Duct is 6 meters in length and 100mm in diameter. The length of flexible duct can be cut down to suit your required length.



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