Mirage Downlight Series / 4 Sizes / 6 Colours

The Mirage Downlight Series is the complete commercial downlight package. Designed with every commercial application in mind, it is equipped with a powerful light engine and an ingenious design that minimises glare while also simplifying installation. The light engine is deeply recessed behind a unique reflector to create a superior 60° cut-off angle for improved visual comfort and minimal glare. This recessed design is combined with a precise lens to achieve a UGR far superior to traditional commercial downlights at less than 16. The crowning achievement of the Mirage is in its performance – with no compromise in the lumen package despite its improvements in visual comfort and glare.

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Brand:  Unios

Selections:  4 Sizes | 6 Colours | 3 Colour Temps | 3 Reflector Accessory Options

Material:  Powder Coated Aluminium


Textured Black | Black/Silver Trim | Black/White Trim | Textured White | White/Silver Trim | White/Black Trim

Accessories Available:  Silver Reflector | Black Reflector | White Reflector

IP Rating:  IP 54

Wattage:  M84 - 8W / 11W | M110 - 9W / 13W | M160 - 18W / 25W | M218 - 25W / 36W / 52W

Colour Temps:  2700K | 3000K | 4000K 

Beam Angle:

M84 25°(N) 50° (M) | M110 30°(N) 50°(M) | M160 30°(N) 60°(W) | M218 18°(P) 30°(N) 60°(W)

UGR:  M84, M110: <16 | M160, M218: <19

CRI:  92+ (R9: >50)

Efficacy:  Up to 1071m/W

Class:  Class II


M84 - Ø 84mm x H 72mm | Cutout Ø 75mm

M110 - Ø 110mm x H 79mm | Cutout Ø 100mm

M160 - Ø 160mm x H 100mm | Cutout Ø 150mm

M218 - Ø 218mm x H 132mm | Cutout Ø 200mm


M84 - 8W 3000K 591lm/4000K 633lm | 11W 3000K 760lm/4000K 802lm

M110 - 9W 3000K 950lm/4000K 1039lm | 13W 3000K 1218lm/4000K 1298lm

M160 - 18W 3000K 984lm/4000K 1074lm | 25W 3000K 1381lm/4000K 1493lm

M218 - 25W 3000K 2787lm/4000K 2998lm | 38W 3000K 3875lm/4000K 4134lm

         - 52W 3000K 4827lm/4000K 5046lm

Colour Deviation:  SDCM≤2

Driver Options:

Remote G2 250mA Flicker-Free IP20 PC Driver

Remote G2 350mA Flicker-Free IP20 PC Driver

Remote TRIDONIC 10W 250mA 15-40V One4All

Remote TRIDONIC 17W 350mA 15-49V One4All

Remote TRIDONIC 10W 250mA 15-40V basicDIM Wireless

Remote TRIDONIC 17W 350mA 15-49V basicDIM Wireless

Warranty:  5 years

Lead-timeAllow 5-7 Business Days If Stocked Configuration (Subject to Availability)

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