D900/D1400.PLUS OFFSET Curve LED Downlight

Wash walls with a smooth, sublte, low-glare layer of light with Brightgreen's Offset Downlights, ensuring an elegant ambience without unwanted glare. They're ideal for halls, bedrooms, living room periphials, foyers, feature walls, and highlighting artworks.

D900.PLUS, 13W power usage, D1400.PLUS, 16W power usage, 10 YR guarantee, IP44 installed rating, Phase driver, >0.9 driver power factor, >100,000 hrs lifetime, 220-265V sustained input voltage, 19 universal gimbal, 4.0 version.

The 4.0 Collection is the most advanced downlight system of its kind in the industry, with a variety of beams, styles, outputs, CCTs, and control types, all carefully designed to bring every space, object, material, and person to life.

Tru-Colour® 4 takes the world’s highest light quality to an unprecedented level achieving world-first, perfect ‘100/100’ scores on crucial measures of colour accuracy (TM30 Rg) and natural materials (CRI R9).

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Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au to enquire about the full range of colours available & to confirm lead times.




Manufacturer:  Brightgreen 

Models:  D900./D1400.PLUS | Series:  CR | Generation 4.0

Style:  Offset

Light Quality:  Tru-Colour®

Style Colours:  White | Black | Custom

Inner Colours:  White | Black | Custom


900:  Cutout Ø 92mm | Ø 102mm | Depth 89mm

1400:  Cutout Ø 92mm | Ø 102mm | Depth 134mm

Input Voltage:  220-265V

Power Usage:  13.5W | 16W

Colour Temps:

2800K | 3000K | 4000K | 6000K | 1800K-3100K Nightshift | 2800K-6000K Dayshift

Lumen Output:-

D900.PLUS:  750lm | 1070lm | 1160lm | 950lm | 905lm Nightshift | 1070lm Dayshift

D1400.PLUS:  880lm | 1270lm | 1365lm | 1125lm | 1085lm Nightshift | 1270lm Dayshift

Light Depth:  21mm - Standard | 52mm - Deep

Beam Angles:   Standard 55°

Very Narrow 11° | Narrow 22° | Med Narrow 36° | Med 44° | Wall Wash Wide

Wall Wash Narrow | Batwing 25° | Elyptical 35° x 70 | Ultra Low Glare 55°

Gimbal Angle:  360° | 19°

CRI:  CRI 98

Dimmable:  Yes

Control Gear:  Phase | DALI | Zigbee 3.0 | Casambi | 1-10V

IP Rating:  IP-44

IK Rating:  IK-04

Colour Deviation (SDCM):  2 MacAdam steps

IC Rating:  IC-4

Ambient Temp:  -28°C to 60°C

UGR:  >13 (55° Lens, X=4H, Y=8H)

Lifetime:   L70, B10: 70,000 hours - L70, B50: 100,000 hours

Warranty:  10 Years



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