D700.PLUS.PORTAL Curve LED Downlight

Achieve precision-focused, ultra-low-glare illumination by combining tight bean angles with Brightgreen's Portal Downlights in glare-prone areas like bedrooms, hospitality settings,and galleries.

D700.PLUS, Recessed light, 10W power usage, 10 YR guarantee, IP44 installed rating, Phase driver, >0.9 driver power factor, >100,000 hrs lifetime, 220-265VV sustained input voltage, 19 universal gimbal, 4.0 version.

The 4.0 Collection is the most advanced downlight system of its kind in the industry, with a variety of beams, styles, outputs, CCTs, and control types, all carefully designed to bring every space, object, material, and person to life.

Tru-Colour® 4 takes the world’s highest light quality to an unprecedented level achieving world-first, perfect ‘100/100’ scores on crucial measures of colour accuracy (TM30 Rg) and natural materials (CRI R9).

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Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au to enquire about the full range of colours available & to confirm lead times.




Manufacturer:  Brightgreen 

Model:  D700.PLUS PORTAL | Series:  CR | Generation 4.0

Style:  Portal

Light Quality:  Tru-Colour®

Style Colours:  White | Black | Custom

Inner Colours:  White | Black | Custom

Input Voltage:  220-265V

Power Usage:  11.2W

Colour Temps:

2800K | 3000K | 4000K | 6000K | 1800K-3100K Nightshift | 2800K-6000K Dayshift

Lumen Output:  590lm | 760lm | 850lm | 765lm | 705lm Nightshift | 760lm Dayshift

Filters:  No Filter | Honeycomb

Light Depth:  21mm - Standard | 52mm - Deep

Beam Angles:   Standard 55°

Very Narrow 11° | Narrow 22° | Med Narrow 36° | Med 44° | Wall Wash Wide

Wall Wash Narrow | Batwing 25° | Elyptical 35° x 70 | Ultra Low Glare 55°

Gimbal Angle:  360° | 19°

CRI:  CRI 98

Dimmable:  Yes

Control Gear:  Phase | DALI | Zigbee 3.0 | Casambi | 1-10V

IP Rating:  IP-44

IK Rating:  IK-04

Colour Deviation (SDCM):  2 MacAdam steps

Lifetime:  L70, B10: 70,000 hours - L70, B50: 100,000 hours

Warranty:  10 Years


Architectural Lighting Range



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