D700+ Curve LED Downlight

The high-performance D700+ downlight features a unique, deeply recessed lens that has been proven to lower glare ratings, increasing visual comfort in interior spaces.

With a patented low-glare lens and a deep-recessed design that shields the light source from the viewer’s direct line of sight, the D700+ projects a smooth, directional beam to reduce unwanted light spill and glare that is common with diffused LED downlights.

Featuring an airtight universal gimballing system, the D700+ provides users with complete control over the beam’s direction without allowing conditioned air to escape through the ceiling. The luminaire is also IC-rated and can be abutted with insulation.

There are noticeable differences in the ways that lighting transforms someone’s state of being. Night Shift is designed to take advantages of these natural responses by illuminating a space with the perfect lighting temperature when it’s needed most.

Tailor the style, colour and lighting effect of the new D700+ with a range of interchangeable fascias and filters.

Please contact us on (02) 6680 7007 or info@creativelightingsolutions.com.au for pricing and to process your order.


Colours: White or Black

Input voltage:  220-240V

Power usage:  10.6W

Colour Temp: 3000K or 4000K | 1.8K.3.1K Night Shift

Lumens: 3000K 730lm (55°) | 4000K 745lm (55°) | 1.8K.3.1K 570lm (55°)

Gimbal angle:  Universal (17° Tilt)

Beam angle: 55°

Dimmable:  Yes

IP: 44

Lifetime: 70,000 hours 

Warranty: 7 Years


Architectural Lighting Range



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