D400 Cube LED Downlight

Ideal for lighting up smaller hard-to-reach spaces, the petite yet powerful D400 Cube is designed to accent interior features, artwork and alcoves. Use as a down light or a wall light.

Light up smaller, hard-to-reach spaces with the incredibly efficient D400 Cube. The direct beam of this 7W light is perfect for accenting design features, artwork and alcoves.

This energy-saving downlight projects 56 lumens of brightness for every watt, compared to 37 for a standard LED. The D400 Cube is so efficient, it pays for itself in just 2 years with 10 hours use a day.

The 36° square beam of the D400 Cube reaches corners with direct light, avoiding overlapping beams and dark spots. Our patented lens ensures maximum brightness with minimal glare.

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Manufacturer: Brightgreen 

Colours: Silver or White

Input voltage:  220-240V

Power usage:  7W

Colour Temp: 3000K

Lumens: 3000K 410lm (36°)

Gimbal angle:  +15°

Beam angle: 36°

Dimmable:  Yes

IP: 44

Lifetime: 70,000 hours 


Architectural Lighting Range



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