Spinstar 56" Ceiling Fan / 2 Finishes




With its minimalist lines and stylish curves, the 56" Spinstar ceiling fan is an attractive addition to any space. Available in Brushed Nickel and White, the Spinstar's clean motor and aerodynamic ABS moulded blades provide high performance cooling in a contemporary design and will never rust like metal or warp like timber. On the Spinstar's lowest speed setting, you’ll enjoy whisper quiet and relaxed cooling. And for those hot and humid summer days you have the option to crank the Spinstar to high and help stave off the oppressive Australian heat.   Those dashing, aerodynamic blades are high grade ABS moulded, so you can just wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Materials:  ABS moulded


  • Brushed Nickel: Suitable for indoors
  • White: Powder coated, indoors / outdoors undercover


Blade span:  142cm (56 inch)

Mounting angle: Hanging ball and bracket design allows for up to 30º slope

Fan weight (installed):  10.5kg

Height:  32cm from ceiling to base of fan


  • 15cm (6 inch) included. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (2.5m - 3m)
  • 90cm (36 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for ceiling heights (3.4m - 4m)
  • 180cm (6 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (4m - 5.5m)
  • For higher ceilings, multiple downrods combined with couplers should be used and can be cut by your installing electrician to custom lengths.



  • Wall Control: Three-speed wall control (without faceplate) is included with this fan
  • Remote Control: Three-speed remote control with optional light dimmer can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan
  • FanSync Bluetooth bundled together with a companion remote control and wall plate can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan


Fan speeds:  High: 171 RPM / Three forward and three reverse speeds

Power (W):  58 W on high

Airflow: 11,118 m3 / hr

Efficiency: 190 m3 / hr / W

Light Adaptable:  Yes 12w LED, 1100Lm  3000K Optional Extra

What's included: 

  • 240V Spinstar motor in selected finish
  • Set of three (3) blades in matching finish
  • 15cm (6 inch) downrod
  • Selected optional accessories
  • Owners Manual



+ With its minimalist lines and stylish curves, the Spinstar is an attractive addition to any space

+ The Spinstar is powered by a high performance and proven 188 x 25 AC motor for long lasting cooling. High quality bearings and copper wiring for reliable operation and improved efficiency along with strict quality control levels, critical sound level requirements and strenuous motor assembly procedures ensures quiet, efficient operation.

+ Three aerodynamic and high efficiency ABS plastic curved blades provide impressive cooling and will never rust like traditional metal bladed fans and are weather-resistant to withstand the elements. All blades are balanced to within one gram for wobble-free operation.

+ For those times when you need your fan to also be a light, the Spinstar’s 12W LED light kit is a stylish addition which is available as an optional extra.



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