Odyn 84" Large Ceiling Fan / 2 Finishes

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ODYN 84"

Building such a colossal ceiling fan is a feat on its own. And the components you never see are even more impressive. At a massive 84 inches, the Odyn ceiling fan by Fanimation provides impressive cooling for large living spaces. Cutting edge DC motor technology enables the Odyn to move huge volumes of air extremely efficiently. Available in Brushed Nickel with two blades options – Black and Walnut – the Odyn comes standard with an 18W LED light kit. Or use the included steel cap to finish the fan in style without a light. Finally, a six speed remote control with light on/off and reverse function is included for added convenience.

The Odyn provides High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) cooling ideal for large open spaces and moves up to four times the airflow of other ceiling fans.deal for large spaces where keeping the air fresh and circulating is important. HVLS fans can significantly reduce cooling costs in spaces with air conditioning too. By mixing the layers of different air temperature, your air conditioner can work more effectively even with the thermostat set a few degrees warmer.

Materials: Brushed Nickel / Moulded Polymer


  • Brushed Nickel with Black blades: Suitable for indoors only
  • Brushed Nickel with Walnut blades: Suitable for indoors only


Blade span:  213cm (84 inch)  with a 12º blade pitch 

Mounting angle: Hanging ball and bracket design allows for up to 30º slope

Fan weight (installed): 15kg

Height:  37.5cm from ceiling to base of fan


  • 15cm (6 inch) included. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (2.5m - 3m)
  • 90cm (36 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for ceiling heights (3.4m - 4m)
  • 180cm (6 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (4m - 5.5m)
  • For higher ceilings, multiple downrods combined with couplers should be used and can be cut by your installing electrician to custom lengths.



  • Remote Control: Six-speed remote control with light on/off and reverse function is included


Fan speeds:  

  • VI: 67 RPM
  • V: 56 RPM
  • IV: 52 RPM
  • III: 43 RPM
  • II: 37 RPM
  • I: 31 RPM


Power (W):  

  • VI: 35 W
  • V: 22 W
  • IV: 18 W
  • III: 12 W
  • II: 8 W
  • I: 6 W



  • VI: 19,010 m3 / hr
  • V: 16,628 m3 / hr
  • IV: 15,415 m3 / hr
  • III: 13,364 m3 / hr
  • II: 11,342 m3 / hr
  • I: 9,429 m3 / hr



  • VI: 542 m3 / hr / W
  • V: 755 m3 / hr / W
  • IV: 856 m3 / hr / W
  • III: 1,113 m3 / hr / W
  • II: 1,417 m3 / hr / W
  • I: 1,571 m3 / hr / W


Light Adaptable:  18W LED light kit included as a standard option / 3000k 1460lm

What's included: 

  • 240V Odyn motor in selected finish
  • Set of nine (9) blades in selected finish
  • 15cm (6 inch) downrod
  • Selected accessories
  • Owners Manual



+ The Odyn’s magnificence commands immediate attention and will surely dazzle onlookers with its massive 84” blade span, six speeds and DC motor technology

+ Powered by a high performance and efficient DC motor that uses up to 70% less energy

+ With 9 blades and a sweeping 84” blade span, the Odyn has been engineered for high volume airflow in large spaces

+ For those times when you need your fan to also be a light, the Odyn includes an 18W LED light kit. For non-light use, the included Brushed Nickel cap finishes your fan in style. 






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