Modn-3 52" Ceiling Fan / 2 Finishes

$289.00 GST inc.

A refreshing take on the modern ceiling fan, the Modn-3 (pronounced “modern three”) has precise clean lines that have been carefully crafted as a discreet and subtle cooling solution. With three aluminium blades that are so thin they virtually disappear at certain viewing angles and a minimalist motor, the Modn-3 is your low-key cooling solution for refined living spaces. Engineered from precision aluminium they're both lightweight and rust-free, in fact, they're nearly half the weight of traditional steel blades (of the same length). Thanks to these weight savings, the Modn-3 can employ a more efficient motor without sacrificing performance. All that means you can stay cool for less!  Add the 12W Helios light kit to your Modn-3 ceiling fan for a sleek all-in-one cooling and lighting solution. 




Materials:  Aluminium + Stainless Steel Hardware,


  • Black: Powder coated, indoors / outdoors undercover
  • White: Powder coated, indoors / outdoors undercover


Blade span:  132cm (52 inch)

Mounting angle: Durable hanging ball handles ceiling slopes up to 30º

Fan weight (installed):  10.5kg

Height:  26cm from ceiling to base of fan (light kit + 4 cm)


  • 12cm (4 inch) included. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (2.4m - 3m)
  • 90cm (36 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for ceiling heights (3.4m - 4m)
  • 180cm (6 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (4m - 5.5m)
  • For higher ceilings, multiple downrods combined with couplers should be used and can be cut by your installing electrician to custom lengths.



  • Wall Control: Three-speed wall control (without faceplate) is included with this fan
  • Remote Control: Three-speed remote control with optional light dimmer can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan
  • FanSync Bluetooth bundled together with a companion remote control and wall plate can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan


Fan speeds:  High: 188 RPM / Three forward and three reverse speeds

Power (W):  High: 55 W

Airflow: 7,171 m3 / hr

Efficiency: 130 m3 / hr / W

Light Adaptable:  Yes 12W LED, Dimmable 1100Lm  3000K Optional Extra

What's included: 

  • 240V Modn-3 motor in selected finish
  • Set of three (3) blades in matching finish
  • 12cm (4 inch)  downrod
  • Selected optional accessories
  • Owners Manual



+ A refreshing take on the modern ceiling fan, Modn-3 is your low-key cooling solution for refined living spaces

+ Powered by an efficient 153 x 20 mm AC motor, the Modn-3’s clean motor housing has been designed to seamlessly blend with your decor

+ Engineered from aluminium, the Modn-3’s lightweight and rust-resistant blades offer efficient cooling for Australian conditions

+ For those times when you need your fan to also be a light, the Helios 12W dimmable LED light kit is a stylish addition



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