Loft 60" 3 Blade Ceiling Fan / 2 Finishes

$419.00 GST inc.

LOFT 60"

The Loft, by Emerson, is designed and engineered for performance. At 60” the Loft is larger than most fans and is ideal when you need high performance cooling that covers a large living space. As the largest manufacturer of fractional horsepower motors in the world, Emerson knows how to design high performance fans. Crafted from Polypropylene (a high-grade plastic), the Loft’s aerodynamic airfoil blades are chemical- resistant, easy to clean as well as being safer and quieter than metal blades.

Materials:  Polypropylene

Finishes:  Brushed Steel, Appliance White

Blade span:  152cm (60 inch) blade span

Mounting angle: Up to 30º

Fan weight (installed):  7.6kg

Height:  33cm from ceiling to base of fan


  • 15cm (6 inch) included. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (2.5m - 3m)
  • 90cm (36 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for ceiling heights (3.4m - 4m)
  • 180cm (6 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (4m - 5.5m)
  • For higher ceilings, multiple downrods combined with couplers should be used and can be cut by your installing electrician to custom lengths.



  • Wall Control: Three-speed wall control (without faceplate) is included with this fan
  • Remote Control: Three-speed remote control with optional light dimmer can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan
  • FanSync Bluetooth bundled together with a companion remote control and wall plate can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan


Fan speeds:  200 RPM on high / Three forward and three reverse speeds

Power (W):  74 W on high

Airflow: 12,790 m3 / hr

Efficiency: 166 m3 / hr / W

Light Adaptable:  No

What's included: 

  • 240V Loft motor in selected finish
  • Set of three (3) blades in matching finish
  • 15cm (6 inch) downrod
  • Selected optional accessories
  • Owners Manual
  • 203cm (80 inch) lead wires



+ High performance 188 x 15mm, 16-pole motor designed for powerful cooling

+ Crafted from polypropylene (a high grade plastic), the Loft’s blades are chemical-resistant, easy to clean and quieter than metal blades

+ 152 cm (60”) blade span with 32º offset blade pitch, each blade is balanced to within one gram for wobble-free operation

+ Patented all-weather aerodynamic, high efficiency blade design ensures powerful airflow




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