Large Brushed Nickel Windpointe V2 / 2 Sizes / 5 Blade Finishes

$619.00 GST inc.


The Large Windpointe is available in two sizes – 80 inch and 70 inch blade spans – and has been engineered to provide sweeping airflow ideal for large enclosed spaces where gentle airflow is desired. The large all-weather curved blades have a large surface area so the fan will move a lot of air (high volume) - but it will be at a slow speed (low velocity). The blades have been engineered from all- weather polymer for easier maintenance and protection from the elements and are balanced and set-matched to reduce wobble with an 18º effective blade pitch for optimal airflow. The Windpointe is available in 5 blade finishes andis also produced in 2 other motor finishes -Matte White & Oil-Rubbed Bronze (on next page).




Brand: Fanimation

Motor Finishes: Brushed Nickel / Indoors only (+ Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

Blade Materials:  All-weather: Strong moulded plastic material suitable for all locations; easy to clean, long-lasting

Blade Finishes: Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Matte White, Teak

Blade span:

203cm (80 inch):  Ideal for large, closed-in spaces where gentle air circulation is desired. Not recommended for high humidity or outdoor areas.

178cm (70 inch): With the same large, curved blade design the 70" blades offer a little more breeze directly below the fan and are recommended for most situations.

Mounting angle: Durable hanging ball handles ceiling slopes up to 30º

Fan weight (installed):  12 kg

Height:  37cm from ceiling to base of fan


  • 15cm (6 inch) downrods included. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (2.4m - 3m)
  • 90cm (36 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for ceiling heights (3.4m - 4m)
  • 180cm (6 inch) available as an optional extra. Suitable for standard ceiling heights (4m - 5.5m)
  • For higher ceilings, multiple downrods combined with couplers should be used and can be cut by your installing electrician to custom lengths.



  • Wall Control: Three-speed wall control (without faceplate) is included with this fan
  • Remote Control: Three-speed remote control with optional light dimmer can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan
  • FanSync Bluetooth bundled together with a companion remote control and wall plate can be purchased as an optional extra with this fan


Fan speeds (H/M/L): 80"=101 / 80 / 54 RPM  70"=130 / 105 / 73 RPM

Power (W):  High: 79 W (fan only)

Airflow: 80" 14,092 m3 / hr  70" 12,887 m3 / hr

Efficiency: 80" 178 m3 /hr/W  70" 163 m3/hr /W

Light Adaptable:  Yes 12W LED Light Kit (optional extra) 1100lm 3000k

What's included: 

  • Five blade240v Windpointe motor in selected finish
  • Set of five (5) blades in selected design/style
  • 15cm (6 inch) downrod
  • Selected accessories
  • Owners Manual
  • 203cm (80 inch) lead wires



+ The new and improved Windpointe motor has been tuned to provide up to a 30% performance increase, now includes a wall control as standard and is available in three premium finishes

+ The large all-weather curved blades provide an impressive surface area and are effective at moving high volumes of air

+ Ideal for large, enclosed living spaces where sweeping air circulation is desired and high velocity (wind chill) cooling is not required

+ For those times when you need your fan to also be a light, the Windpointe now has a new 12W LED light kit option



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