Castell Bollard Light

Emitting light in 360°, this rounded bollard light will illuminate open spaces with ease. A unique silver cone reflector sits inside clear glass to maximise light output and provide a unique design aesthetic. With various heights, configurations and an IK rating – this luminaire will adapt to any residential or commercial applications.

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Downloadable PDF Specifications below image




Brand:  Unios

Selections:  2 Heights | 2 Diamater Sizes | Available in 10W and 20W configurations

Feature:  Can withstand high impact - IK10 rating

Material:  Powder Coated Aluminium

Finish:  UV Textured Black

Illumination:  360°

Power:  10W (700mA) | 20W (500mA)

Lumens Output:  640lm | 1030lm 

Colour Temperature:   3000K  


Medium - Height  600mm | Ø 115mm or Ø 120mm

Large - Height  900mm | Ø 115mm or Ø 120mm  

Driver:  240V Built-in Non-Dimmable Driver (Driver can be installed remote up to 15 meters away)

Driver Options:

* 240V Remote Tridonic one4all/Osram DALI Driver (TD/OD

* 240V Remote Tridonic basicDIM Bluetooth Driver (TB)1

Beam Angle:  50° (W)

IP Rating:   IP65

IK Rating:  IK10

Class:  Class I

Lifetime:  >54,000h L70B10

Colour Deviation:  SDCM≤3

Warranty:   3 Years  

Lead time:   5-7 Business Days



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